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Developing computational thinking in the classroom: a framework

The new UK Computing Curriculum has Computational Thinking at its core, as these leading contributors note in the attached document:

“Computational thinking sits at the heart of the new statutory programme of study for Computing:

“A high quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to and change the world” (Department for Education, 2013, p. 188).

This document aims to support teachers to teach computational thinking. It describes a framework that helps explain what computational thinking is, describes pedagogic approaches for teaching it and gives ways to assess it.”

They also give as a Case Study and classroom example on the topic of  Networking & Communications – using a binary protocol to transfer information’.

This topic is listed in the ACARA Digital Technologies Yr 7-8  syllabus, so should be a good example for Australia teachers of these year levels to consider.

Mark Dorling, one of the authors of the framework has taught this topic and explains why:
“I first lead a group discussion aiming to draw out why networks are important. We discuss the applications pupils use on a regular basis, such as a search engine or network file shares and how these applications have completely changed the way we do things. I lead pupils to ask “what actually happens in the wire to make information go back and forth?”

The attached file is linked here: Classroom Framework UK




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