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Smart Learning; Smart Thinking; Smart Doing

The latest report in the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) series the ‘New Work Order’, titled “THE NEW WORK SMARTS – Thriving in the New Work Order”, has just been released.

Download  from here

I have previously commented ( see for example here) on reports from the FYA, which I believe have provided profound and significant information about the changing face of work and careers in Australia, largely brought about by the increasing centrality and impact of digital technology.

The latest report is also most significant. I would recommend a thorough and careful read and reflection. For now, I just want to highlight just one specific conclusion presented.

The report states that:

“Around the world, the most progressive education systems are focusing on developing the ‘new work smart’ workforce of the future.

They offer 

— immersive, project-based and real-world learning experiences — 

that go beyond the classroom environment, such as working with local businesses or facilitating art and film projects in local communities. These learning experiences are best suited to developing the future-proof enterprising and career management skills that will be most in demand and most highly portable in the future of work, and instil in young people the enthusiasm for ongoing learning that will be critical for their future success.”

I have been advocating for this approach for many years. This approach is now more commonly known by the term ‘Authentic Learning’.

Some of my presentations on Authentic Learning can be viewed here and here.

Some great predictions for 2030:



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