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The role of CIO/Director of IT or Deputy Principal of IT

Why is such a role at such a senior level not only needed, but crucial to the future of high schools? There are now many significant issues, which can impede the successful integration, update and utilisation of IT and IT related services and initiatives in schools. For example, ‘Risk Aversion’ practices, as opposed to ‘Risk … Continue reading

Authentic Learning: A way forward in educating our children for the future

Definition of Authentic: ´‘of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.’ Authentic Learning though is: ‘… real life learning.  ´It is a style of learning that encourages students to create a tangible, useful product to be shared with their world’ ´Or a fancy new term for  ‘Real-World Project Based Learning’ Why Authentic Learning: Authentic learning requires a … Continue reading

A World Class IT Syllabus For Senior Secondary Students?

What Should A World Class IT Syllabus Look Like For Senior Secondary Students? Given the international nature of education today and the growing globalisation of jobs and markets due to IT, it seems to me that we should continue to evaluate what the best foundational IT syllabus should contain, both in terms of theory and … Continue reading

Authentic Learning – a presentation to Junior High School teachers

The presentation I gave last week to some of the Junior High teachers at SPLC, included some reference to the use of Computational Thinking as part of the Authentic Learning approach. The video is here https://goo.gl/zk1fK1, and the powerpoint is on Slideshare here.