Careers in IT:

University of Queensland: Girls in Computer Science

UQ Girls in CS 2017 – final

Careers Presentation to Year 10 cohort:

Careers Presentation Yr 10 070317


Authentic Learning Empowered by IT: 

Presentation to ACCE 2016 on Friday 30th Sept. – https://goo.gl/k3lmTV

Authentic Learning

– A Presentation to Junior High teachers – includes some reference to Computational Thinking & to some stats from the highly recommended book ‘The Second Machine Age’

  • the video is fairly ordinary. The audio is better. And the Powerpoint is on Slidehare.

And a similar but updated Authentic Learning on the Australian Independent Schools NPN (25th May 2016)

  • Video version here

STEM/STEAM Presentation – Time to consider? by Fady Ibrahim to the teaching staff at St Peters Lutheran College on 2nd Nov 2015

I have been presenting at National and State Education Conferences on Computational Thinking for a few years now. Below are some of these presentations:

Presentation of Future Schools 2015 Keynote on Aust. Independent Schools NPN:


Keynote @ FutureSchools 2015 (Sydney – March 11/12th)

ACEC 2012 – Presentation to the National Conference of Australian Computers in Education 2012 (Slideshare version)

– Audio version

QSITE 2013

ELH 2013: – Presentation to the ELH/Computelec annual conference in Lorne, Victoria 2013

– Audio version

Video Version:

The introductory presentation for the workshop I recently presented (March 2014) in Tasmania:

TASITE 2014 1 -ACARA Digital Technologies Workshop – Introduction

– IST_DigiTech_PD_Report

QSITE 2014 Presentation: QSITE 2014 Presentation

 much of the material here is similar or the same as other presentations. The main addition is the discussion of the 4 Step Process and some introduction to practical examples of using this approach.



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